Monday, October 5, 2009

Earthdog Monday Again!

Earthdog Today!! Pat Rock got into the spirit at the earthdog test she chaired today. Free and I ran in Master and we had a lot of fun. Both of us got to run with one of Sue Ely's Norfolks. They had fun too. The judge said that I had a terrific hunt up.

Here is my friend Jackie running one of her dogs in Senior. It could be Scruffy. He qualified in Master today and was going to run Senior after.

Habi had fun too. She got to run in both Intro and Junior. She was eager to give it a try.

Montgomery Terrier Show

Well I went to the Montgomery Conformation Show. It was boring in the morning. I had to sit and wait at my persons feet for a long long time. Occasionally I would jump up on the lap so that I could look around, but after too short a time I had to get back down on the ground again. Finally I got a chance to show. I did the best I could, but it wasn't enough.

My sister Maggie won Best Veteran Bitch.

We lest before the end, but heard that a Towzie Tyke male won Best of Breed. Congratulations to the Kirns. They are nice and have let me play at their house.

We forgot the camera.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conformation - Day 2

The weather was beautiful today! Sunny and cool! Here's a picture of Veteran Dog and Veteran Bitch. Jane Worstell's Tanner won Best Veteran.

C.T. Geise (first in line) won Best Junior Handler. Here are four of the five Juniors who competed today.

Then it was time for Best of Breed. I showed the Best that I could. My friend Pam, who calls herself my co-owner, came in the ring with me to coach me and give me treats. The judge liked me enough that I made the cut, but not enough to win.

The Best of Bred-By, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed was Towzie Tyke Tartan. Here he is with his dam (first dog) and litter sister (last dog). His litter sister won Reserve Winners Bitch.

That night there was an Awards Dinner that I wasn't allow to attend, but other dogs were there. Here is Tasha. She has agility titles, obedience titles, earthdog titles, AND she'd been a therapy dog for years and years and years. She's retired now, but when she was working she also provided disaster recovery therapy for victims of the September 11 attack on the Pentagon. She's pictured with Lisa who helped her with all of her titles and therapy work. She and Lisa and her BT friend Nicky, who is deceased now, were one of the teams awarded the Lucy Award for their help and mentoring of others.

That's a wrap for this specialty, but I'm planning for next year in North Carolina.

I'll continue this blog through the Montgomery Terrier Show that I plan to attend and the Monday earthdog trial in NJ, that I'm really looking forward to, for anyone who is interested in my reports from those events.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conformation -- Day 1

Today we started conformation. Free and I slept in though since we weren't doing anything that day other than watching. When we did get there, I wish that we hadn't. Everyone kept wanting to take little bits of my hair out, especially on my ears. I don't have enough hair right now to lose any of it! I wish that they'd just let me be.
My person took a bunch of photos of conformation, but they just didn't turn out today. Here's the one that's not too bad. The rest are just too dark.

This is my niece Tank. She's just a baby. She went into Bred-By, but didn't do anything. Then she got to hang out with Mel all afternoon. She says that he's great!

Here are the results I remember and heard about:
WD Towzie Tyke Tartan
RWD Meadowlake Triple Espresso

WB: Meadowlake Simply Irresistible
RWB: Towzie Tyke Tattersall (Tartan's littermate)

Veteran Dog -- Jane Worstell's Tanner

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obedience, Rally, Conformation

Today I did obedience, Free did obedience and Rally, and we watched some conformation. Here's a picture of me in the obedience building. I didn't do really well in Open A, but my litter-sister Bindi won the class. Boy! Did I hear about that!

ALL of the people you see here qualified with their dogs in obedience today. Jane Worstell went High in Trial.

After I did my regular obedience run and Free did even worse than I did in both obedience and rally, I visited the Border Terrier Club of America Store. Here Judy Todd is explaining to me about breed books. My ancestors are in there with their pictures and pedigrees and all the titles they've won. I need to get hold of the breed books so that I can better understand my legacy.

Here are the dogs and people that won first place in Team obedience. On the far right is my dam, Scrimmage. I did team obedience too, but got a little distracted (I think that there were critters nearby that needed dealing with). My team took second place.

We watched conformation, but we didn't do very well with taking pictures of any of the events. the light was difficult to deal with. Some of my friends did well though. Here's what I remember or heard:
Best in Puppy Sweeps was Elwha's Beaudacious Juan.
Best in Veteran sweeps was Ch. Otley's English Gent.
BOS in Junior Puppy was Lyn Bolt's Tangle.
BOS in Senior Puppy was Shivaree Jansim Eureka (aka Tumnus).
The picture is of Tumnus, this evening, showing us his stack.
We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Today we did EARTHDOG! Fun! Fun! Fun! It was a beautiful day. All the people said so and all the dogs agreed. The only bad thing was I only got to do it once and it took sooooo loooong until it was finally my turn.
The temperature was perfect, not too hot and not too cool. It was a little cloudy and very windy.
There were more than 60 junior entries and more than 60 senior entries. There were 23 Master entries, including me and Free. I was in one of the last braces with my half brother Chase. Neither of us qualified, but I was told that I was a really good boy anyway and WOW did I have fun! I almost got those rats! I also got a chance to wallow in a mud pit, which is a great way to get cool when you've been running.
The pictures are:
- Jackie McLean and her dog and a bunch of other exhibitors. Jackie came all the way from California just so that her dogs could do more earthdog. At least I think that's why. It's the best and most important thing all week in my opinion.
- Habi, a really cute bitch who came from Poland to do earthdog. That's a long way away. She is really nice and I think that she likes me.
- Another picture of Habi because she's so cute.
- Rollie and his owner Sarah who came from Ontario to do earthdog.
- A pair of Towzie Tykes who are planning to do brace later during the conformation part of the week.
- My sire Roger (they made me put him in)
Tomorrow there WILL be a picture of me because this is MY blog.
Colin, aka Red Devil Dog

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Agility Day!

Today was Agility Day! It rained all morning and the field was VERY muddy. Free told me that this was nothing, that the 2001 specialty was even worse mud-wise. It looked pretty muddy to me. All these pictures were taken during the JWW classes, after the sun came out.

Mary Oppermann and Widget were the only winners of the new Sunkist Trophy. Widget won it from the Excellent class. Anyone who wants to see the results in all classes can find them in the specialty results section of the Border Terrier Club of America web site. Pam Dyer (a good friend, except when she's ripping out my hair -- although she usually has good treats) is doing her best to put results up as soon as possible.after the events this year.

This dog's name is Seven

Here are some more friends of mine. I'm hoping that if I keep working on them, they'll give me a lot of treats.

Unfortunately as we get closer to the conformation, there are more and more examples of dog torture! Here is Belle, getting her nails trimmed using a dremel. Yuck! Although she doesn't seem to mind too much. I hate it! I think that ever dog should have as long nails as they want and as much hair as they want. No nail trims! No brushing! No stripping! Maybe I can organize a protest.

We ended the day with a big party for my breeder's birthday! Free and I even got treats too! I think that there should be more parties! They're fun.